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Clients should always disallow collect calls, third party billed calls, 900 and 976 calls, and most importantly international calls if international calls are not needed.  If international calls are needed, then they should add international account codes.  All carriers today will turn off international traffic that they deem as fraud, usually after four hours. The client is responsible for fraudulent or unauthorized calls.

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Toshiba IPedge from Radcom Technologies offers advantages over traditional business telephones systems

When it comes to choosing a dependable DFW company to install and service your business office telephone system, Radcom Technologies is an ideal choice. The Radcom team has experienced professionals who understand dial tone and how to use Toshiba IPedge. We identify challenges and provide the solution.

Our professionals understand how to provide voice whether the solution is cloud based, premise based, or an alternative to standard phone lines. We offer various options from no money down with a monthly investment to managed service where Radcom provides the entire system for a monthly fee and no installation charges, 100% service and software updates included, or a Toshiba cloud based system. 

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