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system relocation or expansion


Moving to a new office? This change may be exciting but not really for the people in charge of planning and executing the move. There are so many items to think of that many businesses forget about the 30 to 45 day lead time to move your Internet and dial tone. Many businesses do not think about the cost to relocate their business telephone system, computer network, and the wiring. Some people even believe that since the space they are moving to has wiring in place that it will be easy to reuse existing wiring. Traditionally businesses have not accounted for the cost of the most important equipment and services, the business office phone system.

Fortunately, Radcom Technologies handles this process all the time for our commercial customers. Our consultants or senior account representatives are experts. We will manage your relocation and guide you through every step. There will be a number of responsibilities that Radcom can handle and there will be some responsibilities that only the customer can handle. Radcom will document exactly what will take place as well as be with you during the planning and implementation stages. Most importantly, you as the client will receive accolades for your ability to pull this process off with limited concerns.

Here are some of the items that must be addressed:

  • Completed floor plan with extension numbers and names of employees

  • Ordering the relocation or transfer of Internet and voice services or assisting the customer in doing so

  • Coordinating proper electrical for your communications room

  • Working with the general contractor so that implementation takes place when it is supposed to

  • Plan for wiring and termination for your telephones, computers, printers, work group copiers, fax, and Wi-Fi 

  • Coordinated change of services at a specific day and time with conference of all parties

  • Planned expansion of your current or new business phone system and wiring requirements

  • How multiple offices connect with regards to data and voice

  • Planned down time when you cannot answer calls or use your computer system

If your business is staying the same but undergoing furniture movement, fixed wall changes, and expansions of your business telephone system, computer network, or changing service providers, then much of the same details will need to be covered by a Radcom Technologies’ technician. You can rest assured that our experts will meet your expectations.